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Personal Astrological Almanac

Honeycomb almanacs and wall calendars are custom-made with planetary transit data specific to your unique natal chart, in addition to the mundane transits affecting us all. Choose your preferred start date, time zone, house system, artwork, and more!

Our almanacs contain astrological symbols without interpretations and are best enjoyed by professional, student, or enthusiast astrologers.

Available as printed notebooks or wall calendars that can be shipped worldwide or as digital PDFs delivered by email within 24 hours.

Choose your preferred zodiac, house system, and more

The personal astrological almanac is custom-built to your natal chart preferences. Choose from the tropical or sidereal zodiac along with several options for house systems — whole signs, equal, Placidus, Porphyry, Koch, Campanus, or Regiomontanus. The natal chart also features unique visualizations, such as relative speed for each of your natal planets.

Easily track both natal and mundane transits

All transits in your almanac are listed in the time zone of your chosen location, so you know exactly when everything is happening. The almanac gives at-a-glance reference for mundane and natal transits, moon phases, and void-of-course moon times. Keep notes of your personal experiences and see how they correlate with celestial movements.

Start your almanac from any month

No need to wait until January to purchase a new planner! Start your almanac's calendar from the current month, or choose up to six months in advance. The front cover design includes your selected date range as well as the astrological glyphs of your personal Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Midnight ephemeris in your custom time zone

At the back of the almanac, you'll find 12 months of ephemerides, all set to the time zone of your selected location!

Optional asteroid transits

Customize your almanac with transits of Chiron and the four asteroid goddesses (Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas). Both mundane and natal transits of the asteroids are included. Quick reference tables for retrograde and direct stations of the asteroids are listed, as well as an abridged asteroid ephemeris in your time zone.

Hellenistic Plugin

Visualize and track zodiacal releasing periods

The Hellenistic plugin features lifetime graphical overviews for zodiacal releasing from all seven Hermetic Lots. Quickly reference your current position in Levels 1 – 3 for each lot, in addition to following the detailed daily tracking for one lot of your choice.

Hellenistic Plugin

Traditional assessment of planetary condition

In the Hellenistic plugin, see a more detailed look at the structure of your natal chart, with all seven Hermetic lots, the Egyptian bounds, and the Chaldean decans. In addition, each of the traditional planets is assessed for supportive and challenging conditions according to ancient techniques, giving you a quick reference to the most dignified and debilitated placements in your natal and solar return charts.

Solar return charts

Each almanac contains two solar return charts—your most recently passed return and the next one coming up. Set the return charts to your natal location or to the location of your choice! In the Hellenistic plugin, solar return charts are also assessed for traditional planetary condition.

Available in digital or print format in multiple sizes and bindings

Select the almanac format that fits your needs, whether you prefer writing in a bound book or keeping your notes digitally. 

Our printed almanac is available as a softcover with either spiral binding or perfect bound (“paperback”), and also as sturdy hardcover notebook. The spiral bound almanac lays flat for writing, while the paperback and hardcover options have a fixed spine for standing up nicely on your bookshelf. The hardcover is heavier and easier to lay open than the paperback.

Both binding options are available in either Standard size (6.14 x 9.21″ / 156 x 234 mm) or Wide (7.44 x 9.68″ / 189 x 246 mm). The Standard is about the size of an average novel, and the Wide is similar in size to a composition notebook.

As reviewed on the Astrology Podcast

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