Privacy Policy

Honeycomb Collective takes your data privacy seriously. This page describes how we use the data that you provide, where it is held, and how you can ask for it to be deleted.

Rights to ownership

  • When entering data into our website, you represent that you have reasonably obtained permission from the owner to do so.
  • You are the sole owner of the data you enter into the website, and by providing that data to Honeycomb Collective, you are granting Honeycomb Collective the right to use it as outlined in the section titled How is my data used.
  • You may request that your personal data is removed from our systems as outlined in the section Requesting data removal.

How is my data used?

We will:

  • Use the data you provide to deliver the services offered on our website, including production of personalized astrological planners and calendars.

We will never:

  • Sell your personal data to anyone.
  • Publish your personal data publicly.
  • Make your personal data available to anyone other than for the purposes listed on this page under the heading Where is my data held.

We may:

  • Publish aggregated and anonymous astrological statistics. Examples of such statistics might be "We saw 12 grand water trines this month" or "17% of our customers have fire moons."

Where is my data held?

Data submitted on the website is currently handled and stored by Honeycomb Collective, and by the following technology partners:

  • We use Stripe and PayPal (based in the United States) as our payment providers. If you enter your credit card information during checkout, Stripe is the only company that has access to your credit card information — neither Honeycomb nor Snipcart ever have access to this data. Stripe also stores billing address and email. If you use PayPal to checkout, then only PayPal has any access to details of the Payment method used.
  • We use Snipcart (based in Canada) to handle orders on our website. This means they handle and store birth data, and billing & shipping addresses. They do not have access to your credit card number, and they do not have access to anything Honeycomb generates from the data in your order. You can read more about Snipcart security on their website, or by clicking the lock icon at the bottom of the cart during checkout.
  • We use BugSnag to anonymously catch and report errors on our website. We explicitly configure BugSnag not to capture your IP address, and instead use anonymous data such as your browser type and configuration to distinguish errors from different users.
  • We use Google Analytics to understand traffic to our website. We explicitly configure Google Analytics not to capture your IP address.
  • We send the almanac PDF, along with the shipping address to our print partners for the sole purpose of fulfilling customer orders. The links we send to the PDF documents have an expiry, and cannot be used to access the document after this time. Note that while this does prevent the link from being shared after this time, it does not prevent the print partner from downloading and retaining the document in their own systems.
  • Honeycomb Collective receives and stores all information submitted and generated, except for credit card information, which is only every received and stored by Stripe. We use secured Amazon AWS cloud services for all our processing and storage.

Requesting data removal

Please submit a support request to to request removal of your personal data from both Honeycomb and our partners' systems. Please note that our print partner is currently only able to offer data removal for European residents, in compliance with GDPR laws. Please allow 30 days for data removal requests to be completed.

Cookie Policy

Honeycomb does not use any cookies directly, however some third party services on our website do use cookies. These cookies fall into the following categories:

  • Technical cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the service. Sepcifically, Snipcart uses cookies to manage your shopping cart, and Stripe uses cookies as part of its credit card payment processing service.
  • Anonymized statistical third-party cookies for Google Analytics.
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