Privacy Policy

Honeycomb Collective takes your data privacy seriously. This page describes how we use the data that you provide, where it is held, and how you can ask for it to be deleted.

Rights to ownership

How is my data used?

We will:

We will never:

We may:

Where is my data held?

Data submitted on the website is currently handled and stored by Honeycomb Collective using secured Amazon AWS cloud services, and by the following technology partners:

Requesting data removal

Please submit a support request to to request removal of your personal data from both Honeycomb and our partners' systems. Please note that our print partner is currently only able to offer data removal for European residents, in compliance with GDPR laws. Please allow 30 days for data removal requests to be completed.

Cookie Policy

Honeycomb uses a single cookie to remember your shopping cart contents, and some third party services on our website do use cookies. These cookies fall into the following categories:

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