Resources for Astrological Study

Our products are designed to assist you in tracking the current celestial movements, their conversations with one another, and their interactions with your personal natal chart. They offer data that is relevant for astrological interpretation, but they generally do not provide synthesis of the data presented. On this page, we've begun to compile some resources to aid your study when working with the almanac!

Honeycomb workshops

In 2022, we presented a free virtual workshop to our newsletter subscribers called How to Use Your Honeycomb Almanac. You can view a recording of the workshop and download its materials here.

Honeycomb tutoring

Would you like some one-on-one guidance on how to get started with your almanac or calendar? Book a 60-minute tutoring session with Honeycomb co-founder Madeline DeCotes, and we'll try to cover as many of your questions as possible during our Zoom session! Book a tutoring session


Online learning

Below are some of our favorite resources for online astrological learning, from blog articles to webinars to year-long study programs.

Chart readings

If you've never had a professional astrologer read your birth chart before, we highly recommend taking this step to deepen your astrological knowledge, become familiar with your unique chart, and discover which planetary transits might be most important for you personally.

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