Resources for Astrological Study

Our products are designed to assist you in tracking the current celestial movements, their conversations with one another, and their interactions with your personal natal chart. They offer data that is relevant for astrological interpretation, but they generally do not provide synthesis of the data presented. On this page, we've begun to compile some resources to aid your study when working with the almanac!

Honeycomb workshops

In 2022, we presented a free virtual workshop to our newsletter subscribers called How to Use Your Honeycomb Almanac. You can view a recording of the workshop and download its materials here.

Honeycomb tutoring

Would you like some one-on-one guidance on how to get started with your almanac or calendar? Book a 60-minute tutoring session with Honeycomb co-founder Madeline DeCotes, and we'll try to cover as many of your questions as possible during our Zoom session! Book a tutoring session


Online learning

Below are some of our favorite resources for online astrological learning, from blog articles to webinars to year-long study programs.

Chart readings

If you've never had a professional astrologer read your birth chart before, we highly recommend taking this step to deepen your astrological knowledge, become familiar with your unique chart, and discover which planetary transits might be most important for you personally.

  • Amy Marie Truax — I offer natal chart and transit readings that focus on your own empowerment, your unique role in the collective, and how you can more deeply offer yourself compassion and love. I strive to offer a presence of unconditional acceptance and care for the person you are, and the person you could be.
  • Bear Ryver — Bear blends Hellenistic and modern techniques through active listening, thoughtful inquiry, and storytelling to help his clients get back to BASICS: bravery, authenticity, sovereignty, integrity, courage, and stewardship. Come to your session with questions, leave with practical tools and strategies for grounded growth and embodied empowerment.
  • Mo Olufemi — I am a traditional astrologer who specializes in Solar Returns and other Hellenistic or Medieval timing techniques. However, I strive to make these techniques applicable and digestible when it comes to understanding what the stars have to say about patterns unfolding in your life. I am also very versed in the realm of combining tarot with astrology, if that is your cup of tea!
  • Zacchary Powell — Natal Reading: Let's break down your natal placements to assist in understanding your natal promise and look to the year ahead to see what's coming up for you, so you can properly prepare for how to move forward and when to take action. — Serve For the Stars Reading: Together we will seek to achieve your goals by getting in right relationship with with those planets and stars that rule those topics in your chart.
  • Kapunahele — Kapunahele is a native Hawaiian practitioner with a primary focus on Hellenistic astrological techniques. She offers compassionate natal and electional consultations.
  • Camille Michelle Gray — My consults are a hybrid of my left and right brain. They are steeped in the soulful concepts of Evolutionary Astrology and are informed by the technical techniques of Hellenistic Astrology.
  • Chelsea, Zodiac Healer — I provide cosmic based consultations that offer guidance, intuitive insight, and healing for everyone. Every birth chart is unique, so I curate each session specifically for you and your needs, based on where each planet hung in the sky the moment you were born.
  • Patrick Watson — Patrick Watson employs a blend of traditional Hellenistic and modern astrological techniques to do the following: interpret natal charts and make projections in general consultations, pick the best times to begin endeavors in electional consultations, answer specific personal questions in horary consultations and reconstruct unknown birth times in rectification consultations.
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