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We are continuously improving and adding features to the almanac. One of the great advantages of printing on-demand is that we carry no inventory, and a new version of the almanac can be made available to order as soon as we create it. We encourage you to check back here often to see new features, or you can subscribe to our newsletter for updates. And if you happen to notice any bugs or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know at

You can find the version number of your almanac on the copyright page at the start of your book.

v2.2.1 (CURRENT VERSION, released June 12, 2021)

Bug Fixes

  • When choosing future solar return years beyond the date range of the almanac, and selecting the Hellenistic plugin, the planetary condition table sometimes marked an incorrect timelord for the future solar return chart. Timelords indicated in all other parts of the almanac, such as transit highlights, and the profections table were not affected and displayed correctly. The bug was introduced with 2.2.0 offering the ability to select solar return years beyond the range of the almanac.

v2.2.0 (released May 28, 2021)


  • Added two new artist options - Em Wills and Dave Mockaitis!
  • New almanac plugin to include charts for the lunations that occur during the selected period.
  • Configuration option to select 12-hour or 24-hour time format for the almanac and calendar
  • Configuration option for the solar return plugin to include future years instead of current.
  • Initial relase of Beta 60# uncoated paper option
  • Changed the page background from off-white to pure white, making it easier for at-home printing of digital almanacs.

v2.1.3 (released December 11, 2020)


  • Added Chiron to the long term transits overview in the Wall Calendar

v2.1.2 (released December 8, 2020)


  • No longer classified the 3rd house as unfortunate in Hellenistic planetary condition assessment due to inconclusive classification in the literature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent display of Chiron in the Wall Calendar monthly overview.

v2.1.1 (released November 26, 2020)


This version sees the introduction of the beta release of our printed wall calendar!

Bug Fixes

In a few rare circumstances an aspect could be missed when the planet being transited was extremely close to the end-of-sign cusp.

v2.1.0 (released September 22, 2020)


  • Community Artwork - Your almanac can now be configured to include illustrations from talented artists within the astrological community. Each artist sets their price and keeps 90% of the proceeds. Please consider supporting your astrological community!
  • Note Pages - Your almanac can now be configured to add a notes page next to every weekly spread. Note pages are free for the digital almanac, $2 for the 6-month printed almanac, and $4 for the 12-month printed almanac.
  • Asteroid Plugin - This free plugin allows your almanac to be configured with Chiron and/or the Asteroid Goddesses (Vesta, Juno, Ceres, Pallas). The asteroids are present in most of your almanac views, including the natal and solar return charts, transit overviews, monthly summaries, and calendar pages. Adding the Goddesses will also include an abridged asteroid ephemeris in the appendix!
  • Hellenistic Plugin - The Hellenistic plugin is now out of the beta period. The final version adds 6 Zodiacal Releasing Summary pages in the rear of the book, releasing from the remaining 6 Hermetic Lots not chosen as the primary lot. You can also now order the Hellenistic plugin with any house system. The finalized Hellenistic plugin is $2.50 for 6-month almanacs, and $5 for 12-month almanacs.
  • Sect Override - It is now possible to override the sect of your chart by contacting us at - this is especially useful to folks with their natal Sun near the horizon, as some charts in this state resonate more accurately by switching to the opposite sect.
  • Yukteshwar Ayanamsa - The Yukteshwar ayanamsa is now available when choosing the sidereal zodiac.

Bug Fixes

  • In some situations, a lunation would display an arcminute earlier or later than it should due to a mathematical rounding issue. The problem was resolved by increasing the accuracy of all lunation calcuations from minutes to seconds. Many thanks to Gin Ebony for spotting the issue!

v2.0.5 (released July 11, 2020)


Added Moon phase times to the moon phase callout in the weekly calendar.

v2.0.4 (released July 8, 2020)

Bug Fixes

This version fixed a bug that listed the wrong degree for crescent and gibbous moons. The timing and zodiac sign of the Moon phases listed were correct, however we mistakenly listed the degree of the Sun rather than the Moon.

Errata - Moon Phases PDF Files: 2020 | 2021

Many thanks to Ashley Otero for spotting the issue!

v2.0.3 (released July 2, 2020)

Bug Fixes

This version fixed a bug that in very rare situations resulted in failure to identify a natal transit. The only occurrence we saw caused a 2º applying orb entry event to be missed, resulting in a single transit line in the transit overview starting earlier than it should have. The issue occured only if a natal transit event (e.g. transiting Jupiter trine natal Mercury) happened in the exact same hour as the inverse transit (e.g. transiting Mercury trine natal Jupiter), and even then, only under certain conditions.

v2.0.2 (released June 19, 2020)

Bug Fixes

This version fixed a bug where multiple events occurring in the same minute were occassionally listed in incorrect order. With version 2.0.2, event times are now calculated with accuracy to the second when there are multiple events in the same minute, allowing them to be properly ordered.

v2.0.1 (released June 8, 2020)

This version introduced a change in the backend PDF generation system, and did not result in any changes to the almanac content itself.

v2.0.0 (released May 22, 2020)

Version 2 was released at the virtual Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC)! This new version includes:

  • Void-of-course moon times, listed directly after the Moon's last aspect
  • Planetary movements chart wheel, visualizing twelve months of direct and retrograde motions
  • Monthly overview pages that provide an at-a-glance reference for major mundane transits, ingresses, and stations
  • Increased font sizes for improved readability

We've also added plugins — optional elements that you can include in your almanac!

Solar Return Plugin

The solar return plugin is a free add-on that prints two solar return charts in your almanac — your current or most recent solar return and your next one coming up. By default the charts are set to your natal location, but you can customize both return charts independently to the location of your choice.

Hellenistic Plugin

The Hellenistic plugin is a $5 optional add-on that adds a number of traditional astrology elements to the almanac. The plugin will be free during a beta period while we refine and gather feedback! It includes:

  • Egyptian bounds/terms, Chaldean decans, and all 7 Hermetic lots in the natal chart
  • A reference table for natal dignities and debilities, as well as a detailed condition analysis for each planet
  • Condition analysis for each solar return chart, if selected
  • A profections overview page oriented to your natal chart, indicating the profected houses and timelords for the period of the almanac
  • Highlighted natal and mundane aspects to and from your annual profected timelord (except the moon, which will often occur many times every day)
  • Unique zodiacal releasing visualizations giving a detailed look at multiple periods and subperiods simultaneously
  • Exact event times for zodiacal releasing subperiod changes throughout the calendar pages
  • The option to choose any of the 7 Hermetic lots for releasing

Throughout the summer, we'll refine and expand these features based on experience and customer feedback, and Version 2.1 is scheduled to come out in September.

We encourage you to purchase a 6-month edition of your almanac, so you can stay up-to-date with our latest release!

v1.3.4 (released Feb 25, 2020)

Bug Fixes

Our first customer reported bug is fixed in this version. Two mundane transits of the Moon were missing from the almanac in 2020. Specifically, trine aspects of the moon to retrograde planets that occurred in the same hour as the Moon changed sign were missing. The 2020 errata for versions prior to 1.3.4:

  1. March 4th, 2020 04:44 (UTC): Moon trine retrograde Mercury, 19 minutes after the Moon moves into Cancer.
  2. June 27th, 2020 20:43 (UTC): Moon trine retrograde Saturn, 27 minutes after the Moon moves into Libra.

There are no errata as a result of this bug in any published months during 2019 or 2021.

Many thanks to Randon Rosenbohm of @good_horoscope for spotting the issue!

v1.3.3 (released Oct 26, 2019)


  • Additional tropical house systems: Koch, Campanus, Regiomontanus. Sidereal added whole sign houses.
  • Updated timezone database to 2019c, including recent DST changes in Brazil for 2020.

v1.3.1 (released Sep 3, 2019)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some transits in the timeline overviews were not listed in chronological order

v1.3.0 (released August 22, 2019)


  • 12-month ephemeris and declination tables
  • Spiral bound option

v1.2.1 (released August 18, 2019)


  • New cover design
  • 6-month option
  • Addition of Placidus and Porphry houses for the tropical zodiac
  • Addition of sideral zodiac with equal houses and a range of ayanamsa

v1.1.1 (released July 7, 2019)


  • Numerous small design changes, including tweaks to fonts, colors, margins, and more!

v1.0.4 (released July 7, 2019)


  • Added mundane lunar aspects to weekly calendar

v1.0.3 (released June 9, 2019)


  • Added quincunx aspect to natal chart only

v1.0.2 (released June 6, 2019)


  • Added lunation graphics to monthly and weekly calendars

v1.0.1 (released May 31, 2019)


  • Improved color legibility between mundane and natal transits
  • Added retrograde indicators to natal chart planets
  • Added more content to the introduction section

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the contents page always started with May 2019
  • Fixed a bug where the out-of-orb marker (dotted line) was occasionally not printing for some outer planet transits in monthly timelines

v1.0.0 (released May 24, 2019)

  • First edition presented at Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC)
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