Our mission is to create tools that support social transformation through the layers of self-awareness, harmonious community, and global abundance.

The Personal Astrological Almanac is our first offering towards this aim, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Honeycomb Collective is founded and operated by Madeline DeCotes and Colin Hawkett, who met while studying at Portland School of Astrology in 2017. Madeline, with a background in graphic and information design, and Colin, with a background in technology infrastructure and software engineering, wanted to collaborate and innovate something for the astrological community.

The idea for the personal almanac occurred one day in October 2018, when Colin observed Madeline manually transcribing their personal astrological transits for the month from the ephemeris into a journal. "We should automate this!" he said. And together they embarked on a journey of development, prototyping, and finding print-on-demand suppliers.

Version 1.0 of the personal almanac was released in May 2019 at NORWAC in Seattle, WA, USA. Version 2.0 was released the following year at the virtual NORWAC event.

Over time, Honeycomb Collective plans to continue improving and expanding our offerings, and we appreciate you for joining us in this journey.


Colin Hawkett

Colin Hawkett Headshot

Colin (Pisces Sun & Rising, Cancer Moon) has been independently studying astrology since the '90s and writing astrology software as a hobbyist for many years. He formally studied with Christine Rothwell in Melbourne in 2012 and with the Portland School of Astrology in 2017–2019.

Colin sees astrology as a framework for mapping and understanding the self, community, and the broader social fabric of our existence.

Madeline DeCotes

Madeline DeCotes Headshot

Madeline (Aries Sun, Leo Moon, Capricorn Rising) is an astrologer and visual designer with a passion for clarifying ideas and emotions. Originally from the States, Madeline currently resides in Australia on Wurundjeri land with her partner Colin and their growing family of pets and farm animals.


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