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The Honeycomb almanac is a natal a mundane transit planner, available in 6-month or 12-month editions, as a digital download or a printed notebook. The total price range for the almanac is currently USD $10 to $63.50, depending on the selected options. Please review our FAQ, or contact us at if you have any questions while creating your almanac.

Current almanac version: 2.3.8 (version history)


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Please verify the Ascendant degree and other details below to ensure they match your expectations, as we are unable to adjust your order once it has been sent to print. For help, please review our FAQ or contact

6-Month Printed Almanac & Free PDF
Standard (6x9") Paperback
Artwork: Honeycomb
Note Pages
Not Included
Solar Return
Natal Location
Lunation Charts
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Not Included
US $27.00
Natal Data
Natal Timezone
Local Time
Daylight Saving
Universal Time
House System


Please note: Our products are intended for professional, student, and enthusiast astrologers! They contain visualized astronomical and astrological data but do not include interpretations.

Hellenistic features
Not Included

Add annual profections and zodiacal releasing, as well as Egyptian bounds, Chaldean decans, and traditional assessment of planetary condition to your natal and solar return charts.

The zodiacal releasing component allows you to choose one of the seven Hermetic Lots for detailed daily tracking. Each almanac contains additional overview graphics for the remaining six lots, while each wall calendar contains overview graphics for the three primary lots: Spirit (lot of the Sun / career and self-directed actions), Fortune (lot of the Moon / health and external circumstances), and Eros (lot of Venus / romantic and social connections).

If you would like to adjust the default sect calculation of your chart, please contact within 24 hours of placing your order.

Lunation charts
Not Included

Add lunation charts for the exact time of each new and full moon in your location. This adds 12 additional pages to a 6-month almanac (+$1.00) and 24 pages to a 12-month almanac (+$2.00). Lunation charts are free for digital almanacs.

Solar returns
2024, 2025
Using Natal Location

Add solar return charts to your almanac and select your preferred reference locations. Traditional techniques use the natal location, while modern techniques use custom locations based on where you live or where you expect to be located at the time of your solar return.

Please note that solar returns occur when the Sun reaches the same degree and minute that it was at the time of your birth, which can occur within a day or two of your actual birthday. Learn more in our FAQ.

Asteroid transits

Add asteroid transits to the majority of almanac pages, with some exceptions as noted in our FAQ.

Please note that the four asteroid goddesses add a large and sometimes overwhelming number of additional transits to your almanac. If you're unsure, we’d recommend adding only Chiron.

Extra note pages
Not Included

Add an extra blank page for notes next to each weekly planner page in the almanac by clicking the button above. This adds 26 extra pages to a 6-month almanac (+$2.00) or 52 extra pages to a 12-month almanac (+$4.00). Extra note pages are free for digital almanacs.

Natal data
Name required
born Jan 01 2024, 12:00 PM
Birthplace required

The name chosen here will appear on the front cover and can be anything that you like. Please double check the natal data for your order, as we are unable to make changes once the item has been sent to print production.

If your birthplace doesn't appear in the form, please select the closest match and contact within 24 hours for help with fine-tuning.

Zodiac & house system
tropical Zodiac
Whole sign houses

The tropical zodiac with whole signs or Placidus houses are the most familiar options for western astrologers, while the sidereal zodiac with whole sign houses is a common option for Vedic or Hindu astrologers (please note that no further Vedic options are available at this time).

A whole signs chart may be drawn with the 1st/7th house cusps as the chart horizontal or the AC/DC axis. The AC/DC axis better visualizes the horizon, while the 1st/7th cusp places the houses in a more common orientation.

Upgrade your calendar art with offerings from our independent artists or keep the default Honeycomb zodiac illustrations. Adding the artwork plugin directly supports the artists, who receive 90% of the revenue. Learn more about each artist here.

Start month & location
Start Month Required
Location Required

Your transit calendar and ephemeris will begin with the start month of your choice. For location, please choose the city or town where you plan to use your calendar the most, as all dates and times will be set to this time zone. For time format, the 12-hour clock is typically used in the US and Canada, while the international standard is the 24-hour clock.

Time Format
Standard (6x9") paperback
uncoated paper

Standard almanacs are a good size for portability, while wide almanacs contain larger text and extra room for note-taking.

80# coated paper is a robust weight with a smooth finish for crisp images. It's best for reference use and ballpoint pens or pencils. 60# uncoated paper is lighter weight with a slightly toothed finish and offers a better writing experience for a variety of ink pens. Both paper weights have the same thickness.

Spiral and paperback bindings have a light, flexible cover with a glossy finish, while hardcover binding has a solid cover with a luxe matte finish.

Length & media
Almanac & free PDF

Choose six or twelve months of planner pages. Both almanac lengths contains a complete twelve months of ephemeris and overview data. A six-month almanac allows you to stay up-to-date as we release new features.

Every printed almanac includes a complimentary digital PDF, delivered within 24 hours. Printed almanacs generally arrive within two weeks but may take longer on some occasions.

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