Alex Maune

Alex Maune (Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Libra rising) is a Hellenistic astrologer and artist based in Topeka, KS. A freelance illustrator for over a decade, Alex grounds their intuitive artwork in the techniques of traditional astrology. For reading and commission inquiries please contact Alex at, and to follow their weekly transit art and horoscopes find them @chthonicbacchae on Twitter and Instagram.

Almanac & Calendar

Inspired by decanic symbolism

Alex’s style is informed by the optical theory of aspects — light, embodiment, dignity, and the drama of the planets. They draw inspiration from visual symbolism in traditional sources such as decans, asterisms, and talismanic images.

Embodying the drama of the transits

Each month features a major aspect from the calendar imaged as embodied planets interacting with each other in the dramatic lighting of the rest of the chart of that day.

Focal points for healing

This series is a visual horoscope intended for meditation and remediation.

Art Store

Museum-quality art posters

Alex's art store offers a broad selection of his gorgeous astrological artwork on premium matte posters. Pictured: Moon | Selene

Vibrant, printed wall hangings

Measuring 56" tall and producing stunning detail fidelity, the tapestries in Alex's art collection are a great way to add a large piece of astrologically-inspired art to your home. Pictured: Moon / Pisces / Wall Hanging

Connect with your chart placements

Like his almanac illustrations, Alex's art products are designed for contemplation and remediation. Find something that resonates with your chart, or offer a thoughtful gift to a friend. Pictured: Venus / Libra / Notebook

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