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Xene Clare

Xene Clare (Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising) is an artist, musician and astrology student from the Philippines. They started doodling when they were in grade school and explored traditional and digital mediums as the years passed. They started their study of traditional astrology in 2018 and combined it with their passion for art in 2020. For commission inquiries, kindly contact Clare at aerismischief@gmail.com. They post their doodles the most on Twitter (@authormischief) and Instagram (@authorofmischief).

Almanac & Calendar

Bringing the planets to life

Xene Clare's almanac and calendar illustrations feature their signature planetary caricatures in micro-comics that bring mundane transits to life.

Heart-warming transit illustrations

It's hard to stay mad at the sky gods when they're just so cute! Even the most difficult transits are brought down to earth in Clare's adorable graphics.

Visualizing ingresses, lunations, and transits

Every month features a unique illustration reflecting the current astrological weather, so when you add Clare's plugin each year, you'll never get the same artwork twice.

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