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Dave Mockaitis

Dave Mockaitis, TACC (Theoretical & Applied Cosmic Cybernetics, 2009), is a Gemini Sun & Moon, Libra Rising astrologer, designer, and educator. A graduate of the Avalon School of Astrology and former resident astrologer at the Omega Institute in New York, they currently practice online and teach at the Portland School of Astrology. The work in this series seeks to access and invoke the collective consciousness through photographic imagery and visual juxtaposition. Learn more, book a session, or commission a piece at livingconstellation.com. You can also keep up with the monthly images and view a complete series of Sabian Symbol collages on Instagram at @living.constellation.

Almanac & Calendar

Assembling the transiting energy

The astrological mandalas of Dave Mockaitis map the monthly cosmic weather through sacred geometry and print culture ephemera.

Collaged from ephemeral images

Each hand-crafted piece conveys a number of planetary configurations and cosmic influences through a combination of geometrically cut and pasted print images.

Unique from year-to-year

When you add Dave's artwork plugin, you'll see the illustrations change each year to reflect the unique patterns of that time period.

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