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Em Wills, a.k.a. Last Name Wills (Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising), is a self-taught illustrator and intuitive astrologer currently based out of Savannah, GA. Her work pulls from nostalgic storytelling elements of video games, cartoons, and comics - vehicles of her mission to help drive home the point that astrology is also a mode of creative storytelling. Through both digital illustration, painting, and writing, Em translates the language of the stars into an exciting visual experience. For more info about her work, you can follow on instagram, check out her website lastnamewills.com, or contact directly at lastnamewills@gmail.com.

Almanac & Calendar

Personifying planetary relationships

Em Wills articulates the message of the stars into colorful and informative illustrations and comics that feature the planets as cute and relatable main characters.

Choose your own adventure

As the planets shift, interact, and change the world, it helps to follow the story in color, so that you can reconnect to yourself as the main character in your own life.

Follow along with @lastnamewills

Em's almanac plugin is a perfect companion to the ongoing comics and educational offerings available through lastnamewills.com and @lastnamewills.

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