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Maya Netzer

Maya (Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Libra Rising) is an artist, farmer, educator, and practicing astrologer living on Lenape land. She experiences food and astrology as deeply intertwined, both as mutual co-creations with environment, windows to community and collective care, and divestment from colonial ways of doing and thinking. You can follow her on Instagram @maya.netzer & @mayanetzer_art or reach out about readings at

Almanac & Calendar

Astroherbalism in fine detail

Maya Netzer’s illustrations interpret the zodiac signs through their more-than-human archetypes, alongside plant teachers that share planetary rulership and/or bring support to the organ system ruled by each sign.

Chronicling a healing journey

The series began in 2018 with a meditation on plant collaborators to remediate hard transits to her moon, and has since evolved into a deeper study tracking the thread between cosmos, ecology, and spirit.

Hand-rendered illustrations for each zodiac sign

Maya's calendar illustrations ground you in the vibrant energy of the natural assocations with each sign.

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