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Ophilia Mandara

Ophilia Mandara (Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising) is a multidisciplinary artist, diviner, and musician based in Oakland, CA. Her creative practice is rooted in etheric exploration, seeing all artistic outlets as an opportunity for prayer, ritual, and sacred play. Primarily, her visions take form through the acts of painting, drawing, performance, and sculpture. For commission inquiries and art prints, please contact Ophilia at ophiliamandara@gmail.com. You can also follow her work on Instagram at @mythandmandara or visit her website at planetarybloom.com.

Almanac & Calendar

Hand-painted illustrations

Ophilia Mandara brings the movements of the planets to life through vibrant watercolor mandalas.

Visualizing planetary movements

Each month features a unique painting that highlights the Sun’s primary sign of residence, encircled by the ever-changing sign ingresses of the planets.

Unique from year-to-year

When you add Ophilia's artwork plugin, you'll see the illustrations change each year to reflect the unique patterns of that time period.

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